This morning both AdVill Try-it and regular Adventure Village started the day with tent time. Each cabin group got to spend time with each other while doing some low-key activities (i.e. dodgeball, team building, low ropes, soccer).

During the period before lunch Adventure Village split into multiple groups. The try-it group got to choose between pond ecology/exploration and the Leap of Faith high element. Two weekers got to choose between bush-wacking, Leap of Faith, and Creeking.

After sloppy joes for lunch, with an optional spring greens salad, all of Adventure Village came together to learn adventure cheers. There’s a lot of history in some of the cheers we chant in AdVill; some of them date back 40 years when we were called Woodwise Village.

Before Dinner two weekers went to the waterfront for orientation and a quick dip while try-it campers headed up to Devil’s Hole then hiked back to camp in the stream bed. Another awesome day for creekin’!

This evening all of AdVill joined together with PAC, another village at camp, for an awesome game of French Revolution in the woods.

All campers went to bed with plenty of new memories and wonderful images to enlighten dreams. Rest up! Almost time for another wonderful day of Adventure!

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