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It’s an understatement to say that life in Sequoia is anything but dull. It got off to a quick start and that first afternoon, adventure village was already travelling in several directions and immediately started mountain boarding, climbing, rock hopping and hiking. The enthusiasm and zest for the experience is incredible.

We spent last night in tent groups on an overnight and a downpour rolled in at about 4 AM. I can honestly say, I have never seen so many kids so excited about being wet. Spirits were high and getting wet made it even more epic and enjoyable. They really are an incredible group of kids! Also coming out of the overnights is a love for the spice of Adobo and the phrase that delicious + delicious = DELICIOUS. This was put to the test tonight at our village barbecue with the concept of a s’more-burger.

Tomorrow is a day to get prepped and ready to go out on the 3 day out trips, and the kids are choosing between three trip options. “The Bear Grylls Experience” is a 2 day backpacking trip over New Yorks highest mountain followed by a day of Rock Climbing in the gunks. “The Action Sports Adventure” is garnering a lot of attention with a day hitting up a skate park, that night camping at a pavilion atop a large grassy hill where endless runs on the mountain board await. Day two is a day of downhill mountain biking and day three involves some whitewater tubing down the Esopus. Not to be outdone, is “The Delaware Pirates”, a 3 day canoe trip full of island and river bank campsites as they travel down the Delaware river. I’ve left the camera out in the village, but will come back later to update this post with more pictures, there are some amazing ones!

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