Once a session, we leave a day open, free from all planned activities and let the campers decide what they want to do.  It usually ends up to be the most adventurous day of the session, and this 1st session of the summer of 2009 is no exception!

10 brave campers decided to embark on a journey up to Double Top Mountain.  The mountain that has no trails, but looks down on Frost Valley and encourages hikers of all abilities to conquer it!  The group came back late (about 9:45pm) but successful.  The group ended up doing an entire loop of the mountain and hitting High Falls before they returned to camp.  Both lunch and dinner were on the trail.  The campers and counselors I am sure are sound asleep by now!  With all the rain we have had, bushwhacking has a whole new meaning.  Got to love the mud!

The other part of the group had a mix-n-mash day.  The campers decided that the village needed some color, so they spent part of the day painting the picnic tables and benches to give Sequoia some spice!!  They also decided today was a great day for a hike.  They were off to High Falls for a second try, as yesterday was canceled due to lightning.  The group had an amazing day out on trail and enjoyed one of the largest waterfalls in the Catskills.

I can’t wait for the photos to be developed so we can view them on the blog!!

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