It started off as any old typical day, and then six brave campers decided to embark on a journey, over the mountains to a land far far away…

Okay, so the whole trip was only about 4 miles, but the group loved trekking over Wildcat Mountain to visit Frost Valley’s Farm.  Once there, they recieved a tour of the gardens and barns, visited the chickens, goats and sheep and met some new campers on the other side of the Valley.  A Frost Valley van picked them up at the conclusion of the tour and drove them on back to camp. 

The remainder of Adventure Village spent some time around camp and jumped bravely off the zipline, challenged Hemlock (a resident camp village) to a game of speedball, shot some bows and arrows Robin Hood style, and built some teamworking skills on the low ropes course and the giant’s ladder.  After all that, everyone ran on down to the waterfront and lazed around Margetts field enjoying the sunshine and some natural facials.  

Right now the whole village is gearing up for the big dance and dressing up in “super hero” costumes.  Tomorrow you’ll get to enjoy the pictures from the dance, as well as pictures from today (currently the cameras are all being used to take pictures of the dance preparations!).

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