West Virginia II

Juliana brought her laptop down and has been able to give me an update and a few pictures of the crew…

We asked the kids the other day what some of their favorite moments were that we could pass along to you for the blog and this is some of what they


– Butters’ wrote a poem about our trip and read it to us last night at devotion. It was really special and will be part of our trip journal.

– Anna pile driving Todd during a game of Nuke ’em for calling her “counselor”. Apparently she doesn’t like the word and prefers to be called trip leader. (Todd may need to visit a hospital! He’s still sore 2 days


– Eric rolling the ducky in a big wave on the Upper New. It was caught on camera by the videographer and was such a great spill that it was slowed down and replayed over a couple of times (this was in the video we bought).

– Rafting down the bigger rivers and realizing that when the guides put on their helmets, we were in for trouble!!

– The girls’ tent having a minor (major) mishap during the day when we were gone and there were gale force winds and torrential rains (maybe a slight exaggeration) but their tent was pretty squashed and in a shape I didn’t know those tents could be in!!



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