Campers have arrived and are now in their beds making new friends and whispering to each other as a blanket of darkness falls on the forest.

Adventure Village campers spent the evening getting accustomed to each other with get to know you games and a fabulious opening campfire. It is our tradition to call upon older campers in the Village to share with the rest of the group what it means to be in Adventure and why it is special. We hold a standard that in Adventure we are agents anything that prevents you from being yourself. This opening campfire is the best place for us to establish this. Additionally it is also a strong tradition for campers to sample some of the fine fire warmed raccoon poop (heated chocolate chips) and some tea made from the local pine trees. The campers are not told that it is chocolate instead they’re asked to take a risk and enjoy something they wouldn’t think they’d like. That is, after all what Adventure is all about.

The Trips campers arrived and packed out completely in record time! By 7:30 PM the campers were all set up with their bus’s and at the lean-to’s ready for their opening campfire. Instead of songs and cheers the Trips campers are treated with reflection, anticipation, stories and social contract building. Before the group goes out on trail it is imperative for the trip leaders to take a moment to build an agreement about expectations between the trip leaders and the campers and of course the other way around.

It’s 10 PM in the Adventure office and I’m not packing the final food into a bus or sewing a tear in a tent. I think that’s an indication we have a great group of campers this session and their’s clear sailing ahead. We have 2 weeks to be curious and learn from each other in the woods, or by the sea, or with each other helping others. We’re going to take these two weeks and become better people. See you soon mom and dad!

Happy Trails,

Lincoln McLain
(845) 985-2291 x265

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