We started our day at 6:00 a.m., packed our bags, ate breakfast outside, and went to our first site at 7:45. The weather started out a bit chilly but over the course of the day the temperature increased to a nice 75 degrees with a breeze. Spring NO Day 2The first part of our workday consisted of installing termite shields on the foundation of the house, hauling lumber to the proper places, and learning how to properly nail a few boards. We broke for a nutritious lunch and made sure to drink plenty of water. After, we went to a different site and started to construct walls. At the new site we met and conversed with people from various places like Nevada and California. On the way to Mardi Gras World, we demonstrated one of Frost Valley’s core values, caring. While going through the toll for the bridge we paid for the car behind us because they had let us merge in front of them. As the car pulled up beside us, we all enjoyed the big smiling faces, waves and friendly honks of appreciation. At Mardi Gras World we took a tour of the warehouse, tried on costumes, and tried delicious King Cake. The day ended with Mexican food at an authentic restaurant. More constructing of the walls will continue tomorrow.

Spring NO 2009 Day 2 Mardi Gras World

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