What we ask of you

This program isn’t an artificial volunteer trip, nor is it designed with only the desires of the participant in mind. Frost Valley gap semester has considered the needs and wants of first the Colombian YMCA, as well as those whom they serve. Our program connects Frost Valley YMCA with YMCA Colombia for three months of relevant and appropriate volunteering.

 Frost Valley is guided in the pursuit of our eight core values, which will serve as pathways to success for you and those you interact with during your time in Colombia.


Exhibiting kindness and concern for others


The global, local and personal communities that we are a part of are necessary to the wellbeing of everyone


Celebrating differences and allowing everyone to be exactly who they are, without judgement. We go beyond acknowledgement of others, but acceptance as well.


Good intentions are not enough; honestly with ourselves and others adds meaning and depth to the experience.


Embracing differentiations and similarities with the same enthusiasm


      Admiration of all ranges of skills and abilities


               For yourself, each other, and the Earth.


We’re all just walking each other home- so let’s take care of each other and the planet on the journey.