The Boots & Boats group has made it safely through their land-based adventure and passed some notes my way. They made the drive on Monday and hit the trail near the Adirondack Loj heading for Mount Joe as their first campsite. Tuesday was a wake up call for the group as they took on Algonquin, one of the tallest peaks in the Adirondacks. It was a long, tiring day that was full of steep hiking and even a couple of scrambles, but the view from Algonquin made it all worth the effort. 7 miles and a peak put everyone right to bed as they rested up for the rest of their adventure. After some discussion with the leaders, the route was changed a bit and a couple of days shortened to accommodate everyone. Lake Colden was their home for a couple of nights as they did one day hike before busting out through Avalanche Pass and by Marcy Dam on their next traveling day. A valuable lesson was learned at Marcy as the group forgot to lock one of their bear cannisters. The high traffic of that area means the bears are experienced in getting food and one snagged some tortillas and oatmeal from the unlocked cannister. The group pressed on knowing that they had plenty of food left and was sure to lock their cannisters from that point on.

Individually, the group members have all found their place. Gus has been a great help, always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need. Eliana is very positive and has great mental toughness which has helped the group to soldier on. Devon’s spirit has been uplifting for everyone when they are tired. Marissa has been pushing herself hard and has come to realize how much she is truly capable of. Erik and Daniel have proved themselves very capable and are always ready for the next challenge. Amber and Sheldon described the group as “hilarious” and can’t wait to see what the canoeing brings. They put in at Rollins Pond yesterday and will be making their way through the St. Regis canoe area over the next few days. After backpacking, canoeing is always a nice change of pace so the already-high spirits should rise to the heavens.

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  • Linda

    Thanks for the update, I looked up all of the sites, Mount Joe, Marcy Dam, etc. on the internet–they’re really beautiful. Thanks for taking our kids on such a beautiful trip. I hope you’ll post pictures…




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