Program Itinerary

Week 1

Orientation at YMCA Frost Valley

Week 2, 3, 4, 5

Arrive in Villavicencio Meta, Colombia. Attend sessions about global citizenship, cultural awareness, and Colombian cuisine. Meet with a representative from the Secretary of Education for public schools. Spend your days at a local school, working hands on with kids. Stay with host families over the weekend and during your leisure time go horseback riding and explore the city!

Week 6

Travel to Bogota, Colombia. Tour the city, learn the bus system, and attend a capacity building workshop. Help out at the YMCA’s English-Immersion camp, as well as at the eco-center. Visit the mountain town of Monserrate.

Week 7, 8, 9

Volunteer at the schools in Bogota in the mornings, and the afternoons in the YMCA’s social programs. Interact with Colombian children and adults and learn from them. Tour the Candelaria, a historic section of the city, as well as a gold museum and Botero museum, which is home to some of the greatest artwork in Latin America. Visit a botanical garden and relax on the weekends with your host family.

Week 10, 11, 12

Travel to Ibague. Tour the city and visit the parque de la musica for an afternoon of tunes. Participate in a workshop on development and sustainability. Start at the schools and social programs of Tomila. Visit a coffee farm, historic areas, and sites of natural beauty.

Week 13

Travel back to Bogota for a final week at YMCA’s camp before a farewell dinner and celebration. Arrive back to Frost Valley YMCA on December 8th for a few days of debriefing and a final project to wrap up the semester before heading home for the holidays!