Spend a Semester in Colombia!

Participants in the Gap Year Colombia program will begin their experience at Frost Valley YMCA, here in the scenic Catskill Mountains of NY. Our 5,500-acre outdoor education and camping facility is the ideal environment to learn about Colombian culture, what to expect on your travels, and the skills you’ll need to succeed.

From there, you’ll fly down to Colombia, where you’ll spend the next few months traveling from city to city to be fully exposed to and immersed in Colombian communities, while you experience the culture firsthand and give back to the communities you’ll reside in. You’ll have opportunities to live in Colombian lodging as well as spend time living in the homes of Colombian families.

About Colombia

Colombia, officially the “Republic of Colombia”, is located in the Northwest corner of South America and is the fourth largest country on the continent.

The western portion of the country is mountainous terrain while the remainder of the country is plains, jungle, and rain forest. The mountainous region is mostly part of the Andes mountain range, which Colombia shares with Ecuador and Venezuela. The climate is considered “tropical,” and the country is considered one of the “megadiverse” countries in terms of biodiversity (the range of plants and animals native to the region).

The population of Colombia is approximately 50 million, of which 75% live in urban areas. The official language is Spanish and the most popular religion is Christian. The capital of Colombia is Bogot√°, and the national currency is the Peso. 

Interested in Learning More?

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