Why Us?

Why become a part of the YMCA’s first ever international gap year with Frost Valley?

            To become a leader, an explorer, a world traveler, to find your passions and push your limits. To put yourself out there and adventure in a new country and a new culture all with the assurance of the international YMCA has your back.

            Our world is constantly becoming more interdependent. With social media and the increased accessibility of wifi, countries borders now extend far beyond their physical boundaries. This shift requires all of us to be globally aware and consider the many facets of current issues, contemplating perspectives that may be different than our own. Frost Valley YMCA’s gap semester in Colombia challenges students to be introspective and analytical with their own schemas and beliefs, developing into individuals with the capacity to problem solve in new and expanded ways; a life skill that will prove to be necessary in our ever-changing world.


Trip Highlights

  • Live in homestays on the weekends with local families to be fully immersed in Colombian culture
  • Engage in a variety of service opportunities to broaden your experience:
    • Work with children in an educational setting
    • Conservation work to protect the local environment and culture
    • Support social responsibility within Colombian communities
  • Participate in cultural awareness workshops
  • Tour several Colombian cities and historic sites
  • Learn about llanera cooking, Colombian indigenous cultures, and more
  • Visit museums, zoos, animal rescues, and a coffee farm