Why Join Frost Valley YMCA’s Colombian Gap Year?

Frost Valley YMCA has 100+ years experience as a leader in youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Our long history of providing life-changing outdoor experiences has brought thousands of people together – people of all backgrounds, genders, abilities, and beliefs.

Beautiful Bogotá, Colombia!

Frost Valley offers the only program that immerses participants in three different types of community support

    1. Youth Education – work with Colombian school children
    2. Community Development – provide hands-on support to help communities thrive
    3. Sustainable Agriculture – be a steward of the earth to foster a greener tomorrow

No other program in the world has our signature eight core values, which will be fully infused into your experience:

  1. Caring – be a caring role model for school children
  2. Community – become fully immersed into Colombian communities while also providing support to help neighborhoods thrive
  3. Diversity – meet gap year participants from all walks of life and live with Colombian families to broaden your worldview
  4. Honesty – as you embark on a journey to another nation you’ll begin to uncover your true self
  5. Inclusiveness – learn what it means to ensure that all human gain a sense of belonging while also becoming part of a group of diverse young adults
  6. Respect – gain newfound appreciation for the land and the vastness of the world around you
  7. Responsibility – become entrusted with new responsibilities such as independence, child-care, and creating a more sustainable future for communities and the earth
  8. Stewardship – become a steward of the earth through sustainable agricultural practices

Gap Year Colombia Highlights:

  • Live with Colombian families on the weekends to be fully immersed in Colombian culture
  • Participate in cultural awareness workshops
  • Tour several Colombian cities and historic sites
  • Learn about llanera cooking, indigenous Colombian culture, and more
  • Visit museums, zoos, animal rescues, and a coffee farm

Or contact Zach for more information.

Phone: 845-985-2291 ext. 265

Email: zeigenbrodt@frostvalley.org