From hiking to ziplining to attempting to climb our giant ladder with a trusty buddy, the adventures have been non-stop here!  Yesterday, AdVill got to play a much loved game of Geronimo with one of our board members and alumni, Al Filreis.  Last night, the entire village (and counselors too!) played an epic game of dodgeball.

After all that excitement, the village had a somewhat quieter morning in preparation for their overnight at a super secret spot that only the Adventure department knows about!  It’s possibly one of the last secrets in Frost Valley!  Before packing up for their camp out, they got to play an early morning game of soccer, and then some groups went to make candles (an all-time favorite craft), some went to explore near the creek and make some tea (the old fashioned way) and a few daring campers jumped off of the leap of faith!

Wish our campers well on their overnight under the stars! (and send us happy vibes to ward off the rain)

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  • Kati Cruz

    Sending Good Vibes To All Advillians! Have fun!
    Thanks for all the updates & pics. Looks like they are having the time of their lives! Carry on!

    Kati aka Julian’s Mom




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