Adventure Village is in full swing.  Literally.  The campers started out the day either on the Leap of Faith or the Giant’s Swing.  So I can safely say everyone was swinging from the trees this morning.  (Both are high elements where the campers are 40 feet in the air expanding their comfort zones.)

This afternoon’s Outdoor Living Skills rotation started off with a bang.  Literally.  Storms rolled through quickly as we were practicing fire starting and shelter building, so we had to take cover in the bathrooms.  As the lightning and thunder was with us all afternoon, we had plenty of time for Mofia (a village favorite).

The traditional “challenge” night went off without a hitch.  The campers are presented with a number of different problems that they must solve together.  It of course ended with another favorite, dodge ball!

Project X continues tomorrow…

(Due to technological issues, photos could not be uploaded.  Sorry.)

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