Spirit, Mind, and Body Workshops and Classes JUST for Women

We have put together a great class lineup (below) for you this year including old favorites such as Zumba, yoga, and drumming, or you can check out special new classes such as Mindful Awareness & Self Healing. There will also be several Frost Valley staff-led activities for you to join in such as hikes, arts & crafts, archery and rock climbing offered throughout the weekend.

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Preview of Classes and Activities during Women’s Wellness 2017:

  • Yoga
  • Dreamwork
  • Group Drumming
  • Acupuncture
  • Candle Making
  • Tile Decoupage
  • Massage
  • Meditation
  • Pottery
  • Watercolor Painting
  • More!

2017 Class Descriptions:


Rebecca Anguin-Cohen

Start the weekend with a healing, restful practice.  Relax and energize with yoga postures, breath work, meditation, energetic healing techniques and guided relaxation while cultivating intuition and setting your personal intention for your retreat this weekend. Students are encouraged to practice at their own pace, the more nurturing, the better!  All levels are welcome.

Greet the day with a yoga practice that is rejuvenating and provides some extra deep rest after sleep.  This class is a boost to prime you for the positive, healing activities that await you the rest of the day!  All levels are welcome.

Infuse your posture practice with therapeutic mind-body techniques that support emotional healing through energy balancing with breath exercises and chakra practices. Other practices include inquiry and visualization, deep rejuvenation with Yoga Nidra guided relaxation, and grounding meditation. End your weekend transformed!


Fre Atlast

A hands-on playshop that will tap into the ancient wisdom of rhythm and the drums. No experience necessary. Drums will be provided.



Debbie Birch, PT, LWMC


The way you choose to live is not the only choice out there. Widen your perspective and unleash your creative muse like a Broadway Dancer!  This class is based on a Broadway style dance class taught in New York City.  We start with a ballet barre to warm us up, then move to the center of the room for jazz isolations.  Next we learn some easy choreography to get us moving and stimulate our minds.  The class concludes with learning some original choreography from A Chorus Line and/or Chicago.  Discover what a performer experiences at a Broadway audition and learn some tricks of the trade that you can apply to your life.


Priscilla Bright, MA

This fun and interesting workshop compiles several gems from the latest neuroscience research to teach many simple practices that work to shift your brain and emotions from a stress state into a wellbeing state. The same parts of the brain that produce stress, worry, anxiety, and feelings of isolation and lack, can be easily mobilized to bring an experience of contentment, safety, connectedness, and joy. Priscilla will lead the group through varied renewal techniques including: how to more deeply embody positive emotions for healing, quick fix postures and pressure points, and we will even practicing yawning – yes, yawning! – it turns out yawning is very good for balancing of our emotions and bringing feelings of connectedness!

This fun and very helpful class combines practical less-than-a minute techniques that can immediately lower your stress and anxiety level in any situation.  We will practice breathing techniques, pressure points, body postures, shifting body defenses, energetically grounding for a sense of strength and safety, finding your own unique emotional alignment (your safe place within), and simple ways to bring healing to our repeating negative self-judgements (a major cause of our stress).  Come “de-stress” with us!



Alice Camara, L.Ac

is an ancient method of healing based on the laws of the elements found in nature (fire, earth, metal, water, and wood). These treatments assist in the movement of these energies to flow naturally in the organ systems of the body and promote healing and health maintenance. Alice will be providing private sessions by appointment. Please see her station in the dining hall for more information


Bobbi Esmark

Cultivate your life force with the ancient Chinese practice of Qi Gong. Gentle exercises of breathing, stretching, moving and meditation will help you detoxify and strengthen your body, calm your mind and lighten your spirit.  You will learn specific exercises for women that are simple to perform and allow you to participate in your own healing and well being. Understand the power of your energy and the universal energy.  Awaken awareness of your body and its connection to all beings. Begin a process of self care that you can incorporate into a daily practice of 15 minutes to reduce the effects of stress and bring your body, mind and spirit into balance.


Ashley Gannon

Bring out your inner child and join us for a fun and exhilarating hula hoop class, where you will learn an exciting and unique up-and-coming form of dance. Ashley’s teaching expertise and articulated step-by-step breakdowns allows for all students, even those with no prior hoop experience, to master fundamental and intermediate hoop dance moves with ease.   You will also learn how to tie all of the hoop tricks together into an entire hoop dance routine!  Within this hoop class, you will burn an average of 400 calories as well as strengthen and tone your upper body and core. Hula hooping is a moving meditation, helping to clear the mind and de-stress, while connecting the mind, body and spirit. Hooping also creates movement within the lymph system, flushing the lymph nodes and detoxing your body!


Lea Garnier w/Beth Ylvisaker

Healing means to be whole and in balance with all that is.. body, mind and spirit.  Sound helps the mind let go into a place of deep relaxation necessary for the healing process to begin.   Come in, lay down and let the positive sonic vibrations of the crystal singing bowls surrender excess emotions and increase your positive love-light body.   Experience the deep voice of the gongs as they cleanse and rejuvenate you.   You will leave with a profound sense of calmness and a deep feeling of interconnectedness with all that is.



Rifka Kreiter

We will explore together a variety of simple approaches to the practice of meditation with the intention that each participant find her own way to access the inner peace, self-knowledge and joy that follows true mindfulness. Warning: We may have fun, too!


Angel Ortloff, LMT

Discover the amazing world of aromatherapy and how to simply integrate it into your daily life.  In this workshop, we will take an in-depth look at 10 essential oils that are incredibly powerful.  Angel will share the healing benefits of the oils and how to use them safely and effectively at home.  Participants will have the opportunity to experience different types of aromatherapy and will learn how to create their own first aid kit to help soothe headaches, create a more restful sleep, calm emotions and promote relaxation, ease allergies, heal scars and more.



Samantha Paige-Graeber

Samantha will be providing private sessions by appointment. Please see her station in the dining hall for more information.


Alison Ryczek

In this open workshop we will be using clay as our medium to be creative and have fun. Participants will be able to practice slab work, pinch sculpture, free-form sculpture, relief, or the potter’s wheel. Pieces will be air-dried or fired for you depending on the size and will be returned to you at lunch on Sunday. There will be a wheel demonstration at the beginning of the session. All skill levels are welcome.


Dr. Judith Schafman, Ph. D.

What we see, hear and speak of in this challenging world often takes up unwelcome residence in our being, leaving inside a “psychic pollution”, dark stuff like anger, frustration, helplessness, fear, all growing like mold.  Our conversations with ourselves can become a misery, with others even worse, as we indulge in exchanges based on the basic theme, “Ain’t it Awful”.

Enough. When times get troubled, it is time for us to creatively and proactively set personal intentions and goals and embrace practices that generate Light.  Light is turned on inside, and light splashes over our interactions with others. Become a lighthouse yourself.  Become the actual Creator of your daily life.   This is not easy and demands commitment.  You can do it.

In this workshop, learn and practice methods for generating light in yourself and in your relationships with others: practice active imagination, work with your personal “narrative” or story, generate space and silence via “silence pauses”, practice “Eagle” thinking, and use methods for clearing the mind.


Dreams come in from the depths of the inner ocean, and, like ocean tides, splash on the shore of your consciousness each morning, regularly delivering wise perspectives for visioning your life path, and out-of-the-box solutions to daily living problems.  IF you can translate your own dream language.  Dreams are the voice of the wise personal advisor you always wanted, the quiet voice within.  Even nightmares.  They all merit your full attention.

Be willing to learn this new dream language, knowing that dreams are the language of your Personal Spirit, and a pathway deepening your connection to  Soul and its wisdom. Learn how to receive and understand Spirit speaking through this course in DREAMWORK. 

This course is for those who: are not familiar with their dreams, are curious and do remember their dreams, are seasoned travelers in dream land and want a refresher course – get ready for an inner adventure!!!


Debra Seidman, LMT, CLT

Debra will be providing private massage sessions by appointment. Please see her station in the dining hall for more information.


Sharon Suess

“Watercolor for People Who Don’t Paint” is a stress-free, fun way for beginners and experienced painters to participate in a creative, experimental watercolor workshop. Sharon will lead you through a painting project with easy to follow, step by step instructions. This year there is a surprise ending, so join us and see what’s up. You just may surprise yourself with your talent. Honest. Try it. You’ll be glad you did. All supplies are provided.


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