Happy Core Values in Action Wednesday, everyone!


To continue exploring Stewardship this month, we have decided to challenge all of our campers and families at home to put Stewardship into Action! With the help of Katharine, the Sustainability Coordinator at Frost Valley, we have created 4 different ways for you to practice Stewardship at home! All of these different actions have a positive impact on the Earth, reducing the carbon emissions that are created. We hope that these simple things will make you think about all of the small things that you can do to give back  and be stewards to the Earth!


Here are the four challenges!

  1. Air dry your clothes, rather than putting them in the dryer. This will save the same amount of carbon emissions that your car produces to drive 7 miles!
  2. Avoid using to-go or take-away containers. Instead, bring Tupperware to restaurants, and definitely avoid Styrofoam!
  3. With the help of your parents, switch over your incandescent light bulbs to LED light bulbs.
  4. Use reusable shopping bags! Leave them in the car or in your bike basket so they are always handy!


If you are willing to take part in a small and impactful pledge to put Stewardship into action, please email me, Lindsay, at lhutchinson@frostvalley.org to share your stories! All challenge participants will receive a Core Values in Action tshirt for using the Core Values at home! I am excited to see what challenges you participate in!


Peace, Love, Bibbley,


Lindsay Hutchinson

About the Author

Lindsay Hutchinson

Lindsay is the Camp Wawayanda Director at Frost Valley YMCA. She oversees the oldest overnight camping program in the country, which is for our campers grades 2 through 7. She just finished her fourth Summer at Frost Valley YMCA and is already working on creating the best program for our campers next summer! er favorite parts of camp are waterfront, Hoopla, and the friendships created through devotions. Coming from the great state of Massachusetts, Lindsay has enjoyed every moment working and living here at Frost Valley YMCA. As a Springfield College '13 graduate, Lindsay embraces her degree in Elementary and Special Education by developing leaders in her campers through experiential and environmental education programming. She studied with Semester at Sea during college, traveling to 13 countries in 3 months, which allowed her to embrace the people of the world and everything that we can learn from each other through cultural exchange. Her passions include traveling, cooking, and making music and she is an advocate for world peace, organic gardening, and love.

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