“The Habitat Adirondack crew has made more progress in two days than any other group in the past 6 years.”  This quote is from the site supervisor who has been working with Frost Valley for several years.  The crew has worked on setting up a retention wall, installing a drainage pipe, staining trim, sealing outside foundation, moving boulders and picking up brush.  Today, the worksite had a little ceremony where the group received golden hammer pins and t-shirts for their efforts and contributions to the site.  Another highlight for the group last night was having the opportunity to see an amazing meteor shower around 10:00 PM.  They said they couldn’t even begin to describe it to me on the phone. 

Some shout outs to the group members:

  • Sarah: worked on spackling the outside of the house and has “gorgeous brush strokes” that will leave the visible parts of the house looking fabulous!
  • Emma & Abbey: creative cookers who are excelling at creating meals that both vegetarians and meat eaters are loving
  • Sasha: the “heavy lifter” of the crew, the group is leaning on Sasha’s strength and willingness to help out with some of the bigger, bulkier items
  • Jake: really stepping up as a leader and is great at giving helpful instructions both at the worksite and with the cooking
  • Michael: really, really good at this sort of work!  His past expereince is proving to be a huge asset on the trip!
  • Ian & Sam: always on top of offering an extra hand when someone needs it.  Whether its helping to move a rock, grabbing a needed supply before it’s asked for or picking up an extra brush to help stain, these two are on it!

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