Rafting was great on Thursday, and a good break from all the hard work the crew has been putting into the house.  The last few days of work have included continuing to cut sheet rock and pick up debris around the house, as well as some minor electrical work and framing doors.  One of the highlights was getting a chance to work beside the family who will be moving into the house once it’s finished!  The family is required to put in “sweat equity” (a certain amount of hours volunteering at the site) as part of the terms of them receiving the house, and they scheduled a work day to hang out with our group and get to know them better. 

Climbing also went well today and everyone climbed at least once.  Many campers climbed several times throughout the day and felt accomplished toward the end.  After a bus ride back to their campsite, the group ate dinner and called it an early night. 

Tomorrow is their free choice day (the group hasn’t decided exactly what to do yet!) followed by two final days of work before they head back on up to Frost Valley.

That’s it for now – we’ll be making the final blog entry Wednesday night.  Write to y’all then!!

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