The work definitely picked up for our crew on Friday and Saturday.  They did a lot more work on the trailer and are super excited about potentially finishing it up tomorrow.  They have also added puttying, sanding, nailing and sealing cracks to their list of tasks.  They feel like they are doing “real work” a the construction site and spirits are pretty high! 

Climbing went well – although it started a bit late due to an Iron Man race that had the group rerouted several times on the way to their site.  Almost everyone climbed at least twice, if not more, and offered great support on the ground when not scaling the rock.

At the campsite the group has been playing magic (one of the campers has taught the rest of the group) and/or cards to stay busy in a quieter fashion.  When it starts getting dark they put on dark clothing and pick their capture the flag teams.  They have been going for three nights straight now and are very competitive (in a healthy, friendly manner) for the title of winner each night!

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