The best way to find youself is to lose yourself in the service of others. 
– Mahatma Gandhi

Fortunately we haven’t lost ourselves yet but we are making a significant impact with Habitat for Humanity in the Catskills this year. And at the same time we are teaching about the importance of service to one’s community.

This was one of the major things that stuck out to me when I first met our Habitat Partners in early spring and it shows with the type of programming they are running for this trip.

The first day on the site the campers hit the ground running. They’ve been sanding and painting and clearing out debris. The campers were so eager that some of the local volunteers told them to pace themselves to avoid burning out. Our campers laughed the warning off and continued their joyful work. Frost Valley Campers make work fun!

Last night the campers got a chance to view the fireworks over Kingston. Nothing is quite as nice as fireworks on the 4th, especially when it’s hot and you’ve got ice cream.

Today the campers visited a House Museum with the Habitat for Humanity. They use this house Museum to promote their program and educate a others about what Habitat does and how it helps the world.

Coming up the campers will be biking Minnewaska State Park and taking a free day to explore the Catskills Mountains.

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