The group is having an absolute blast up in Maine this session!  Giggle fits, dancing and cooking make it on the list of evening activities.  During the day, the group saw the Maine Lumber Jack Show (yep, they watched people cut up trees with chainsaws and axes!).  When they went biking, the group struggled up a few hills, but in the end it was all worth it because they got to eat some popovers at Jordan Townhouse (I love it when they put good restaurants at the top of those hills!).

A few updates on the group members:

Russell, Dana & Rachael have really stepped up and taking on leadership roles throughout the trip

Sam and Alex are both absolutely hilarious and constantly make the group laugh with funny comments and actions

Mickey & Tatum have really gotten into the housing work and lend strong work ethics and skills to the group

Claire & Hannah are having fun, getting involved with everything and making lots of new friends

Liam has been enjoying helping out with some of the campground chores, including prepping the firewood!

Overall the group is working hard and having fun!

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  • v hertz

    Cannot wait to hear about the house you helped build and the family who will live in it.

    So glad to hear you are all having fun.




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