Another hot and humid day in New Orleans (the nights are very cool), spirits are very high as the group starts in on a good week. Projects include interior/exterior painting, framing, insulation installation, and roofing galore! In the evening the group went for a swim and just chilled out. That night they ate at Mothers Creole & Cajun (Mmmmm). Wednesday the group stoped by the Gumbo Shop and had a delicious authentic New Orleans gumbo. The group gets along very well and are both fun and responsible. If any of you are looking for projects to give to your campers we have some suggestions:
Nick & Trevor are excellent at the demolition of old stuff
Zach, Jesse, Paul, Cynthia are roofing masters
Anya excels at both roofing and painting
Andrew & Alex do well at framing and painting (These two are not roof people)
Some cool things the group will be doing later on this week will be hitting up a minor league baseball game on Saturday. Sunday will be a aquarium and IMAX show and Monday will be Mardi Gras World.

Any questions you have can be answered very quickly if sent by email.

Kam Kobeissi
Assistant Adventure Director

Kevin Terrell
Adventure Director

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