Our Habitat for Humanity trip just checked-in to say hi!  Our partners had a last-minute shift in volunteer site managers, so the campers have taken on a special project for the next few days until the site manager returns at the end of this week.  They are renovating an old information trailer to become the new construction stand for the Habitat projects.  This has involved taking a look at the trailer and figuring out what it needs to become operable and useful.  The group then took a trip to the hardware store and purchased the materials needed for the project.  Between yesterday, today and the work planned for Friday the group will be sanding down the trailer, re-painting the exterior and redoing the flooring. 

Saturday and our work days next week will most likely include spaculing, painting, cutting sheet rock and prehaps some minor electrical work in the current house that the Adirondack Habitat is renovating. 

The group went ot the beach today to cool off after work and have been enjoying wiffle ball, soccer and frisbee at the campground.  The group has been relating well with each other, and everyone is looking forward to rafting tomorrow.

That’s it from the northern part of New York for this evening.  Stay tuned Sunday evening/night for our next check-in!

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