There are few things better than going for a paddle at dusk. Last night was simply spectacular. The lapping of the water on our bottom hands as we paddled was the perfect mix of warm and cool and it was just the right amount of breeze to keep the bugs off but no so breezy that it moved the boats. You can’t ask for anything better under a summer’s sunset.

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That was last night though. Today we woke up to a solid 80 degrees. A clear indicator of storms on the way. Our staff and campers took the window in the morning to hike to our larges waterfall on camp property and up the brook beyond Adventure Village to Devil’s Hole.

Once the rain came it pored for most of the afternoon. Adventure Village shifted their activities to indoor games and indoor rock wall. We’d have been outside in the rain, except it was also thundering and that’s not worth the risk.

This evening we all participated in a large challenge night. It’s a lot like a talent show except it’s broken into teams and each team sends a candidate up to participate in a challenge. Some of the challenges were, funniest joke, best Camp Director impression, mid 80’s rock ballad interpretative dance, and so on.

It was a hot long day at camp and the campers are all well hydrated and ready for bed.

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