Today was a big day for Adventure Village!  The village split up into 3 smaller hiking groups and went out for the whole day to explore Frost Valley and the surrounding area.

The Doubletop crew hiked and hiked and had an awesome time, even though they never did actually summit.  Our farm camp crew successfully hiked up and over Wildcat Mountain, into our East Valley.  After their hike they got a full farm camp tour by Andy, the farm director himself!  Meeting all the animals and exploring the massive garden was definitely a highlight of the day.  Our last crew, but not least, hiked all the way to Table mountain, nearly a 9-mile hike with an amazing view from the top!

Tonight the village is looking forward to participating in another Frost Valley tradition, CHALLENGE NIGHT!  I’m sure challenge night will be immediately followed by snoring and deep sleeping in the village… everyone seemed exhausted after their long hikes today!

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  • Kati Cruz

    Wow! I’m exhausted just reading about the different hikes!
    Is Julian being camera shy? Please let him know his Mom misses him & wants to see pics of him. Love the updates & pics.
    Thanks again, Kati aka Julian’s Mom




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