Another early day! We returned to the construction site at a quarter to eight, wherespringbreak no 09 construction site work we resumed work on the house. We put up both exterior and interior walls, nailed together partitions, jack-kings, headers, corners, and studs. The day was warm and breezy, and we became fast friends with a neighborhood cat, whom we nicknamed Limpy McFleabag. In the evening, we stopped at Sonic for dinner on the way to a home opening minor league baseball game. Our home team was the Zephyrs, whose mascot is Boudreaux, the South-American Nutria. After cashing in our karma points from our encounter at the tollbooth a few days before, we managed to score five free tickets from friendly southerners. Although our Zephyrs lost, we img_5306had a great time, even managing to show up on the giant television screen. Afterwards, we enjoyed fireworks in the park and ended our night with dessert pizza from the local Pizza Connection. Tomorrow we will spend a few hours at the construction site before heading to the airport. We definitely loved New Orleans, and we’re pretty sure New Orleans loved us back.

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  • Rena Finkelstein

    What an adventure you are having – have been reading all your blogs – sounds like you are having an exciting and productive time in “the Big Easy”

    See you soon,






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