DSCN2789_crop... Loves FARM CAMP! Welcome to Session 2 of the 2009 Summer!!!!! Already we are having so much fun and I just wanted to fill you in a little on the end of last session as well as highlight some of the incredible things we've already experienced! After all the fun at Pete's Pavilion we came finished off the weekend with Colonial Day and the chill team building time on Sunday (including a movie night in the hayloft of the animal barn!) The rest of the week flew by as the campers got to sign up for more advanced classes in Animal Care, Gardening, Hiking, and Theater. We finished out the week with an another amzing Farm Camp Tradition - Farm Fest! With fun community games and a PBJ relay race, grilled hamburgers & some of our own home -made Ice-Cream before the final photo slide show - it was a day to remember! All the counselors really had a great time learning and sharing with the campers first session and one of the coolest things that happened in one of our new camper-choice classes (Creekside Nature Poetry) - a lovely set of lines from Solange was written and she gave me permission to share with you all... (untitled 1) Pebbles reflecting and obscured Hazy around the edges Dark and light Smooth and hard Like so many souls Thrown together In the twisted path of fate Unclear Half-hidden Like lifetimes suspended In the cold Cold path of destiny (untitled 2) Hovering above the water Wooden plants moldering Inches away from the sweeping tides Of forgotten times departing From somewhere to elsewhere. The icy river runs Pulling away the washed-out souls Of those who are never to return. Whispering slowly with but a ripple To mark the passing of yesterday. --- Thanks Solange for sharing those with us!!! *** I reformatted this post, the text that had followed is now in a more recent posting...  sorry for any confusion!***

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  • Kim-Adele Rosner

    Thank you for the update! Sounds like a lot of fun and that there are new things happening there this year. Grace has been looking forward to her time their again! Hope she is doing well and making lots of new friends.

  • Kim-Adele Rosner

    And oh, yes….what beautiful poetry….