West Virginia I & II        

The kids of both groups of WV Whitewater are doing great.  I just got off the phone with the leaders and they are safe and settled to their basecamp in West Virginia.  They are taking tons of pictures and video, but don’t have access to upload them so my words will have to paint the picture for now.

It seems that the game of choice for the evenings so far has been the epic battles of the “French Revolution”.  Ask your kids the details about this game and how and why so many of them are freaked out about the bugs and dirt, but are eager to pull out ash and coals from old fires to paint themselves up and creep through the woods.

Their day in Pennsylvania involved an Alpine Tower, zip line and the opportunity to belay each other.  The kids all took to it and loved Jake, the facilitator at the tower.  This picture is from last years group, but should give you an idea of what they were scaling:


Tomorrow they begin the whitewater portion with some duckies and learning to read the rapids, rocks and ride that the New River will bring them.

PS- I have no idea what the title of this entry means, but evidently, that has become a mantra of the group.  You’ll have to ask them to explain it to you.

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