From the earliest point in the day it was drizzling around camp. All the counselors took the opportunity to share with the campers why it is so important that it rains right now. The Catskills have been having one of the driest summers in years. The springs and streams are starting to dry up. From that point in the morning the campers celebrated the rain.

In the morning the campers started the day’s activities with a session of the Council. This is where the campers meet together with a lead counselor and carry out instillation improv around camp (much like Improv everywhere). From there some of the campers went on hikes and high ropes elements, while others took some down time in Sequoia Village.

In the afternoon the campers zipped the new-old zip line (No Zip). After that they started working on outdoor skills in order to prepare for their mini trips.
Campers will sleep well tonight. This evening we played Ultimate Sicko Ball, which is an all-camp activity, much like three way capture the flag.

Another amazing fulfilling day in AdVill! Not even the rain could put a frown on AdVill’s face today.

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  • Wilma Davila

    Thank you for keeping us informed of your daily activities. It certainly helps me feel linked to my child. This is the first time he has been away for two weeks and I am having a hard time not being able to talk to him. I look forward to reading your blog.

    Wilma Davila




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