The sun is setting on another beautiful session in the Catskills. All the trips have arrived safely back to camp and the campers have completed their closing ceremonies.

This morning the Adventure Village campers woke to the “great big moose” song and slowly made their way to the dining hall for another delicious breakfast before parents arrive tomorrow.

After breakfast the campers jumped on some zip lines, cooked with our classroom kitchen, tie-dyed, and danced with our dance instructor. Unfortunately all the campers didn’t get to do all the activities, we did a break out period instead and the campers migrated to their selected activity.

Before lunch the Adventure in Training Counselors ran an activity with Adventure Village. Which turned into a mix between jumping on mattresses and kick-ball. Super fun!

Once we had lunch the campers headed back to Sequoia to clean up and get ready for parents to arrive. The village of course looks stunning!

Before dinner and SURPRISE ICE CREAM PARTY we took a moment to welcome in the Adventure Trips buses and explore some spring-fed creaks.

Adventure Trips started to arrive around lunch with our two Adirondack’s trips. Then around 5 PM all three of our Maine trips arrived. There were a lot of smiles as the campers unpacked their buses and got ready for their own closing ceremony (bone heads/U rocks included, see previous posts).

All in all it’s been a beautiful session. The sun shone for ages, the campers were great, and all our trips got out and returned safely. Here’s to you parents, you got some awesome young adults.

Happy trails,

Lincoln McLain
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