Winding roads and thick forest with tall trees on either side of the road was the view for our Maine campers as they traveled to their destination two days ago. Once the group arrived it was time for dinner. All three groups traveling from Frost Valley cooked together. Dinner naturally ran late but after a long day of driving it was nice to fall asleep with a full belly while the crisp Maine dew fell on the tents.

The campers woke up early and cooked a warm trail breakfast. It’s important to fuel up before an awesome day of Mountain Biking: especially when every corner has amazing visuals and stunning sights. The campers spent the first two days exploring Acadia on their bikes. Guaranteed great pictures!

Tomorrow will be the first day of rock climbing. Acadia Mountain Guides are some of the most experienced mountaineers and climbers on the east coast. Our team will get hands on experience and if they feel up to it they will repel over a cliff and climb up with the waves crashing below them. Truly a once in a lifetime experience.

The two groups are getting a long fine and everyone is involved and engaged. Beyond that each group has started to bond and create their own identity as a team. One team has actually started to call themselves the “Aliguanas.”

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