Maine Coast called up today for a quick check-in.  After 2 days of biking, popovers at Jordan House restaurant this afternoon was a big hit!  Last night some epic games of spoon (a card game) and good camp food put everyone in high spirits for biking today.  At the campground, the group has met a New Hampshire YMCA with kids the same age and doing  similar activities as our group.  After meeting last night our group is looking forward to sharing s’mores with their new friends.  Tomorrow everyone is looking forward to visiting Thunder Hole, mini golfing and eating some ice-cream. 

A Few Shout Outs:

Sam: amazing at biking and always in the lead, encouraging others to follow him up and down the trails

Erik S: settling in well, keeping the group entertained with funny comments

Eric V, Zak, Tom & Robert: cooking up a storm for both breakfast and dinner, loving the trip and new friends!

Amelia: adding a bit of extra adventure as she sleeps under the stars (she says the shooting stars in Maine are great!)

Emily & Wanda: great at teaching the group new card games and being helpful around camp with the daily chores

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  • Hi Guys,
    Sounds like a great time! Can’t wait to hear more about your adventure! Lots of love, Mom and Mrs. H.

  • ann morello

    hope matthew and trevor are having a terrific adventure as well. looking forward to hearing how they are.

  • Lisa Mindich

    Dear Amelia, I hope you are having a blast… All is well at home. Daddy is back from his business trip. Tina and I just got home from Woodstock with Nancy, Melissa and the girls. Love you lots, Mom

    PS Tell Zach and Erik that Mariss is mad at them 🙂




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