Maine Coasters and Maine Trail Builders met up today to watch some 4th of July fireworks a day early…from the top of Cadillac Mountain!  After a full day of swimming, eating HUGE burritos and watching Toy Story 3 in a really neat, old-fashioned movie theater that was SO cool,” the fireworks were a great end to the day.  The group had a great two days of biking and couldn’t stop talking about how great the climbing guides were (and how great the view was while climbing!).

[Editor’s note: I apologize that this entry isn’t a bit longer – the group has shady cell reception in a lot of areas they are frequenting.  It took us about 4 tries to get this much information!  The leaders assure me that each of the campers are fully participating and having a great time!  Life is good in Maine!!]

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