Climbing had perfect weather!  Right on Otter Cliffs the group climbed and repelled around the different rocks, picking up some new skills and using some muscles they don’t typically use!  The biking portion went just swell, with a total mileage of about 16.  It was great for the group to bike the trails they have been working so hard on in the past couple of days! 

Their work day was slightly interrupted by a very special visitor who decided to head up to the park for the weekend…President Obama and his family!  Although the group didn’t meet the president, certain sections of the trail were closed, which didn’t prove too much of a hassle for our group, but did change their brush clearing assignment to a different lake.  In addition to clearing  brush, the group also pulled some weeds (which they thoroughly enjoyed as they had a chance to rest tired legs!)

Everyone is getting along really well, and every single group member is meshing with other group members.  Their free day was spent swimming, eating pizza on the beach, visiting the famous Thunder Hole, playing mini-golf and riding around on golf carts. 

All-in-all the trip has been filled with good food, fun activities and good people!

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