You certainly know that everyone has had a great trip when they are all smiles when they get out of the bus. MTB finished up there trip this morning with an early morning hike up Cadillac Mountain, the highest point in Acadia National Park, to watch the sunrise.  They got up at three this morning to pack the bus and make it to the trail head. And without a complaint, actually the campers suggested this ending to their trip!

MTB’s week started out with rock climbing at Otter Cliffs. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. One camper in particular challenged and overcame his fear of heights climbing every climb and even rappelling! Actually, everyone on MTB finished all of the routes that the guides set up and had a really wonderful time climbing!

The rest of their week was spent back on the trails. This group really put their all into building and repairing the trails of Acadia National Park. Pictures and Videos will be online tomorrow!

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