Backpackers have landed!  The first group to return at camp today consisted of 6 campers and 2 counselors, all tired and happy!  After hiking over Wildcat Mountain to Pine Grove, the group then trekked up to Pete’s Pavillion (it has an amazing view if you’ve never been up there before!) for last night’s campsite.  This morning they put on their packs one last time and stopped at the Frost Valley Farm to say hi to some friends. 

The weather of course was not quite on the groups’ side.  Just after packing up the Pine Grove campsite, as they put on their packs again, the skies opened up and the group got drenched!  They laughed and said they still had a good time, but next time hope for some sunnier skies for the entire trip!

Currently they are cleaning up gear, showering, and preparing to go see the fireworks for Frost Valley’s 4th of July celebration!

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