Okay, so this trip started as a three day climbing adventure…and ended up being a one day climbing endeavor, a one day New Paltz, NY tripand a one day hiking extravaganza!  Due to some tough weather and a late start on Monday, the group decided to hike around the Gunks for the reminder of the day rather than attempting to climb. 

 On Tuesday the group awoke early, arrived at the Peterskill climbing site and got everything set up.  Just as the second person started climbing, good ol’ mother nature decided that climbing just was not in the schedule for the day!  Off and on thunder storms for the rest of the day kept the group off the cliffs, but it couldn’t hold Frost Valley Adventures from stopping in the movie theater to see Ice Age 3, chowing down on some pizza and relaxing at the campsite! 

Finally, today the group had their long awaited chance to climb, and climb they did!  Everyone did several climbs and returned to camp happy and excited.  Campers have a new found love for rock, and have created some tighter bonds amoungest group members!

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