AdVill’s overnight last night was good practice for what’s soon to come on mini-trips.  And it went very well!  The campers said the sunset and then the stars were absolutely beautiful last night and enjoyed sleeping outside after a long day of hiking.

Today was more of a relaxed day, the morning was spent resting, cleaning up the gear from the overnight, and taking long showers!

Later, some campers practiced yoga and learned some new poses with one of our very own AdVill counselors.  Others got to explore and learn about the pond (and catch and play with lots of critters!) It was another hot day, so everyone was very excited for waterfront and playing in the creek.

AdVill was already buzzing with excitement for the mini-trips, and tonight is also the camp dance! I’m sure everyone will have a blast singing and dancing with friends before heading off into the woods. Check back for pictures, they will be up later tonight.


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