After breakfast Adventure Village campers and Adventure Village Try-it campers went right into a period of tent time. During tent time campers have the option of a variety of low-key activities.

When tent time ended the Village split into three different groups.  The first went to one of Frost Valley’s two Zip Lines! Our Zip Lines are a great way for campers to challenge themselves both mentally and emotionally.  Other campers took part in The Great Slant! The final group took part in The Council an Advill classic! Advill try-it campers had the option of making candles or going creekin! Then  campers went to rest hour.

After a lunch of corn dogs and onion rings the village again split into three groups.  Some campers when did a little team building on our low ropes course. Others did a little Dream Catching another Advill classic.  Adventure Village try-it started packing their things for tomorrows overnights!

Just before dinner campers did a little mo’ creeking! and after a delicious dinner of tacos and salad Advill went straight into a game of Post-Revolution World Unity (dodge ball). Adventure try-it campers played a little killer in the castle. Advill try-it kids are really excited for tomorrow’s trips!


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