Advill campers and staff awoke to yet another beautiful day in the Catskills. Last night they stayed under the stars at the sacred Project X, a mysterious Advill hideaway. They ate breakfast at their refuge. Upon returning to the Village they showered before a fun filled day.  The remainder of the morning was spent learning outdoor skills. Campers learned how to make fires, setup tarps, and learned about minimum impact camping techniques.

After lunch campers split into three groups. Some tested their physical and mental strength on the Y climbing tower. Others participated in the Council an Advill tradition where campers and staff peacefully play pranks on other campers and staff. The third group of campers made candles. In the late afternoon just before dinner campers had the option go to the waterfront where they swam and canoed on the lake. Others decided to go creekin’ keeping alive Advill’s unofficial motto of “mo creekin” Tonight’s evening active is “KILLER IN THE CASTLE” aka an epic game of hide and seek in Frost Valley’s very own castle.

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