West Virginia Whitewater I
Another note from West Virginia!

“Despite the ridiculous rain (and it really has been pretty torrential), the kids have been in great spirits today.  I think my favorite part of the day was our pirate war in the Duckies, where the kids all ganged up to capsize Anna and I.  Other highlights were our dinner (Ramen & Veggie stir fry, with fresh fruit for dessert) and an impromptu disco IPod party on the way to the store.  Anna’s about to go get some hot chocolate ready for them while they watch the movie.
The kids are pretty amped about the Lower New tomorrow, and they’ve been good at getting up in the morning.

We’ll keep you posted.


Hey Brian!

Like Reid said everything is going very well. I loved the pirate war…

although i think  i got the worst of it… they let Reid off easy because he’s not a screamer, or an overreactor… which, in case you didn’t know, i am 🙂 As for the driving they’ve been saying, “this is awesome!” and “Today makes up for all the driving.” Oh! that reminds me of something else fun!…. The croc-hunter joke/game and Nathan’s crazy leprechaun dance/acting ( see video) OH god! my hot chocolate is ready.. byebye!

I also just talked with them by phone and today’s trip on the New river was phenomenal!.  The last couple days of rain led to a perfect day of big water and sunny 75 degree skies.

Here are some pics from the last few daysimg_0046.jpg



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  • Michelle & Gary (Mike H’s mom and dad)

    Hey Mike. It looks like you are having a blast. Hope the weather holds up for you guys. Lha Lha misses you!!! Have lots of fun and be careful. Love Mom and Dad.




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