Dear Mud in my Boots,

My Mom was right, I did need those extra pair of socks that I didn’t want to pack.  I hate to say it, she was also right about the long underwear too…  Shorts over my long underwear with hiking boots, we call it trail style.

The highlight of the day=summiting Mt. Marcy.  Today was the most amazing day ever.  We reached the top of Mt. Marcy around lunchtime.  Our backpacks are still wicked heavy with all our food and bear canisters, but our group is hiking with amazing speed!  The talk on the trail is about the bear that is in the area, yet we haven’t seen him.  Thank goodness.

Let’s talk about the mud.  I have never seen so much mud.  In lots of spots it’s over a foot deep!  I think I should give Mom a head’s up… I WILL need a new pair of hiking shorts (and socks).


The Boots

(Boots n’ Boats 2009)

P.S.  It’s still raining up here.  So I guess you could say the mud is rising.

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