Last night’s opening campfire for Adventure Village officially kicked off session II.  Adventure has a secret campfire location upriver from the village known as the Treehouse.  The campers did a trust walk (blindfolded, led by other campers) to the bonfire.  Everyone officially became part of “the village” last night, as they all received new names….  Sorry Mom, your son or daughter has a new name!

As the sun woke everyone up early, the morning was filled with Project Adventure (our team-building course).  The Wall was a hit challenge, as was Birthday Line-Up.  The goal of the morning: for the group to get to know each other and become closer as a village.  As I spoke with all the counselors at lunch, I would say it was a successful morning.

This afternoon was filled with high ropes.  It was time to take the activities up 45 feet!  The campers got to choose between High Ropes, Leap of Faith and the Giant’s Ladder.  Everyone expanded there comfort zone today, which was very exciting.

As everyone is getting ready to fall asleep in there tents, the talk of the night is which mini-trip everyone wants to go on.  Will it be climbing, paddling, or backpacking?  Check back often, as pictures start to come in we will put them up on the blog and Smug-Mug!

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