As the sun cracks the rim of the Catskill Mountains and the dew glistens and soaks any shoe that dares to tread the grass we will wake with a smile and hit the trails for our first Adventure Village trips of the summer!

Today we spent our logistical efforts finalizing the details behind the scenes: What time and where is the pick-up? Do you need more pita breads for dinner? Does this A-frame’s zipper still crank? While the campers woke like a normal (amazing) day at camp and began their pack-out rituals. The emphases DUFFLE SHUFFLE.  Not to be confused with the melbourne shuffle, which is more of a tonight thing at the camp dance. At the duffle shuffle each counselor works with their respective trip group to determine if they specifically have the right gear for their respective campers. We have a substantial gear room so if any camper is missing anything we can spot it to them without any problems. Once we finished that we began packing out our hard gear like cooking pots, pans, stoves, tarps, and tents. This is a long process that continued into the afternoon.

After lunch though we took a break to run around in the woods and splash each other with water balloons. Not to worry camper parents, we made sure each not to leave a single water balloon wrapper for good measure. Leave No Trace!

After cooling off we headed back to the gear room to finish packing out our gear and slotting the food into our bags.

Officially we all headed to dinner with our gear packed and a ready to go mentality, which is important because after dinner we dressed up for the camp dance and got our boogie on!

We will post tomorrow for the departure of our Adventure Village Trips, but for the two days that they are on trail (monday, tuesday) we will not be posting. Please don’t be alarmed, we will make sure to blast you with a huge post when they return and contact you if we have any hick-ups on trail.

Day 5 (21) Day 4 (205)

Happy trails (for real this time)!


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