Adventure Village woke up at their respective campsites this morning to the sun shinning and a sweet day of trail ahead of them.

Backpackers packed their personals and headed down from Table Mtn lean-to to the base of the highest peak in the Catskills, Slide Mtn. They will summit the peak by early afternoon. They will head on to two more peaks before crashing at Terrace Mtn lean-to. TOO MUCH VISTA!

Bikers got an early start to the day as they met our outfitter at the trail head. After slapping on helmets and sizing their bikes they’ll get rolling and explore Minnewaska! THERE WILL BE WATERFALLS!

Climbers lucked out. They got to lazily roll out of their sleeping bags and saunter the 100 yards it takes to get form their tent flap to their first climb in Mohonk. This kind of proximity will get them more time on the rock and more time to dial up delicious trail cookin’!

The canoes are in the Pepacton Reservoir. History has been made! Our campers put in near the dam at the western end of the reservoir and they made their way across the open water to explore the alcoves and bays. Day one on the water means skill building. Campers will be focusing on J-strokes, C-strokes, and paddling as a team.

More updates to come! Happy trails!

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