Today has been beautiful. The sun came out early and only broke around dinner when it poured for 10 min then cleared back up again.

The first activity we did in the village was Break-Outs. This is where campers get to choose between a few smaller activities: Y tower climbing, Archery, and the Ministry of Silly Walks. Naturally the campers gravitated to the ministry, but we made the appropriate adjustments to make sure the groups were even.

After our Break-Outs we all came together for Geronimo with Al Filreis. Al is one of our trustees who comes back every year to help out and tell awesome stories.

After lunch we all played Ultimate Turbo Kickball, where the campers slide from base (mattress) to base where they are challenged to eat s’mores or slide through whipping cream. If it wasn’t muddy enough, after waterfront the campers all rolled in a huge puddle that formed with the sudden downpour. Of course we’re all headed to take showers before dinner but it was definitely an amazing camp moment. One camper said “it’s moments like these that are the reason I come to camp.” Awesome.

Tonight we’ll be introducing a new game to the campers. It’s called Wells Fargo. We’ll split the groups up into two teams and hide Gold Bricks (pool noddle clippings) around a Bank (circle on the ground. Each team has their own bank and the campers try to get all the Gold Bricks into their own Bank. Each camper starts with a sock in their belt and if you get your sock pulled you’re frozen on one pivot foot. If you’re team member has an extra sock (that they might have pulled from somebody else) they can give it to one of their frozen team mates and bring them back to life. Everyone moving has a sock. It tends to be a fast game where campers can get a lot of energy out. Which will be great because we have another big day of fun tomorrow planned!

Happy Trails,

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