Today was another wonderful day in adventure village! Some of our most ambitious campers and counselors woke up in the wee hours of the morning to go on a sunrise hike up Giant Ledge!  Everyone was tired and happy when they got to the top where they got to rest and enjoy the beautiful view.

For those of us who like to sleep in as much as we possibly can, we got to hike around Frost Valley and see some new rivers, waterfalls, and the model forest.  After all that hiking we were more than ready for rest hour today!

Our first official Adventure Village theme day happened this afternoon, and the theme was (drum roll please) Lord of the Rings!  All afternoon the village was acting out their favorite scenes, attempting to speak elvish, and making our favorite overnight site (Middle Earth) a little more like home.  After dinner they marched off to the Battle of Helms Deep, which was really an awesome game of dodge ball.

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