Ontario Outback called in today to give a quick update!  The group is doing well so far.  A long day on Sunday paddling and portaging led to a more relaxing day yesterday.  After paddling several miles, everyone napped, fished, read and hung out.  One of the best parts of the trip so far: hiking to the top of Silver peak and physically seeing all of the lakes the group has paddled! 

Nadav: diligently fishing and catching a lot! He caught an absolute “ginormous” fish, and then he caught a bate fish, which he kept on his line..at least until the seagull swooped down and decided it was lunch time!

Ryan: doing well, steps up to help the group out and really proud that he carried his own canoe portaging!

Walter: absolute sponge, soaking up everything and opening up to the group well

Alex: challenging himself and really pushing through the tougher spots.  Trying new things and loves cooking, fishing and the campfire

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