Adventure Village:
All the bags got unpacked and the beds got made. Adventure Village is piping with energy as campers settle into their bunks for a beautiful session in the Catskills. After Pizza and popsicles the village headed out to their secret campfire ring to perform the opening ceremonies. Counselors will lead campers in fun call-and-response chants and songs. Campers will get a chance to sample raccoon poop (chocolate chips) and tea. While they laugh and enjoy the stars around a crackling fire.  After the opening ceremony we’ll hit the sack to get ready for another beautiful day in the Catskills. If we wake up early enough we’ll get a chance to see the mist rise from the creek before breakfast.

Adventure Trips:
Once we packed up the gear and food the campers headed up to trips village. This is the brand new lean-to village we’ve created just for trips campers up in the forest above the existing Adventure village. At the trips village campsite we cooked pita pizza’s over the fire and told stories. The Adventure Director read the Robert Frost poem “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening.”
I’ll post again tomorrow when everyone arrives.

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