Rain and thunder stuck the valley but that doesn’t get us Adventures down. In fact it’s a wonderful thing. We’ve been dry as a bone up here and a little rain will push water out of the springs. Last session it was a chore to find flowing springs now they’ll be bubbling with some of the world’s finest water. Not to mention everything will be green!

Opening day went swimmingly. AdVill headed out to their opening campfire under the hemlocks. They’ll be drinking tea, eating raccoon droppings (chocolate chips), and singing around a campfire before tucking into their first night of rest in Sequoia Village.

Adventure Trips jumped right into packing. With the large trips leaving bright an early tomorrow it’s important for the campers to play a role in the preparation process of the trips. After packing and eating pizza the campers enjoyed an exciting game of dodge ball. When the game started winding down the trip leaders and the Adventure Director shared some words of wisdom with the campers about what to expect on their adventures.  All trips will depart first thing in the morning.

Happy adventures to all and to all a great night!

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